top of page JMSarchitects  is an Architect led Design+BUILD firm.

What is an Architect led Design+BUILD?

An Integrated approach to Design+BUILD. The Architect is responsible for the professional services as well as the BUILD services- from Design to project delivery. It is not a new approach, throughout history Architects were known as a Master Builder,(n)  a person notably proficient in the art of building. We apply this to every phase of our Design+BUILD.

What are the Advantages of An Architect led Design+BUILD?

Communication. In most endeavors, and especially in construction projects, Communication is paramount to the success of a project. The client needs to be able to Communicate their needs and desires to the Architect, and the Architect needs to convey throughout the Design+BUILD process ideas and concepts to the Design+BUILD team. As one entity nothing is lost in translation. The Client and Architect are the decision makers and all decisions throughout the process have a clear and open line of Communication.

Design. From the initial concept to the last construction item, aesthetic and functional decisions need to be made, who better to make those decisions in cohort with the client than the person Designing the project? Design never ends.

Quality. As Architects, we are keenly aware of the quality of materials, Design concepts, longevity, and aesthetic decisions that ultimately make a project a Quality project.

Timeline. As the Designers, we work to the clients schedule and control the Design teams production, as the project’s Designer we know all the special features of the project and develop the details as well as the timeframe requirements during the design phase. During construction, the process is streamlined as the Architect+Owner decision making process is streamlined as well as any supplemental construction detail information. We work closely with the sub-contractors to develop intricate details and work to deliver the project on a productive Timeline.

Budget. We firmly believe Budgets are our Design+BUILD partner. From conception to implementation, the Budget needs to be a part of the equation.Just as a Design is true to its from and function, a Budget must be true to the Design and reflect a BUILD that will meet the clients needs, be sustainable, be a structure that lasts, and one that is aesthetically significant and maximizes the Budget.

Craft. As Architects, we are driven by a need for a more refined and carefully built Craft, it is what drives us; We are Craft not profit driven.

Details. Beauty is in the details. No amount of drawings can illustrate the required details to properly construct a project to the Designers vision. The traditional model of the Architect doing periodic site visits is limited due to the work that is done between visits which may be in conflict with the desired vision. As the BUILDer, we are involved in the day to day construction and as such can insure the BUILD is true to it’s vision, which is firmly rooted in the Details.

Value. Each BUILD we undertake is a commitment on our part to deliver the maximum in Design and quality. As the Designers+BUILDers we bring both expertise’s to each BUILD, at a comparable cost to traditional custom general contractors providing the client the maximum Value.

BUILD.As we do each BUILD, we are staying in touch with construction issues such as availability and capabilities of subcontractors, budgets, and the ramifications of material selections. We are constantly challenging ourselves as well as our sub-contractors. As a result, with each BUILD we become better Designers.


What do we BUILD?

We only BUILD only our own Design projects. Due to the level of involvement in the BUILD we limit the number of projects we undertake so that we can successfully manage each project. Every project, regardless of size, is of equal importance.

We BUILD residential and small commercial projects. The common thread are projects that challenge us as Designers + BUILDers.


Throughout our portfolio of Work are examples of our BUILD projects, each one of them a TRUE Design+BUILD.

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